UK: National Trust under fire for hiding artwork featuring men

Article here. Excerpt:

'The National Trust has come under fire for covering up artwork featuring men inside a Northumberland country house hosting an installation highlighting the lives of 19th century women.

Busts and paintings depicting male subjects were draped in sheets at Cragside, near Rothbury, formerly the home of Victorian industrialist Lord William Armstrong, as part of an art project called the Great Cragside Cover-up.

The installation, the work of Newcastle artist Kate Stobbart and art PhD students Rob Blazey and Harriet Sutcliffe, was intended to focus on the life of his wife, Lady Margaret Armstrong, as well as other female relatives and women employed at the house.

Sutcliffe said before the opening that “by concealing some of the male objects and artefacts within the house, it might shift the lens slightly so these women would have the space for three weeks to shine”.'

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... cover up or destroy works of art by Jews or featuring plainly Jewish people as subjects?

Just wondering. I think they did.

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