Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts for trademark infringement

Article here. First they wanted the Boy Scouts to be inclusive of girls, to they dropped the word "boy" from their name. Next they complain about that and sue. Excerpt:

'The Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts, saying the organization’s inclusive rebranding effort has caused all sorts of consumer confusion from mistaken enrollment in the Boy Scouts to misinformation about a merge of the two groups.

Tuesday’s trademark infringement lawsuit is an attempt to clear up the uncertainty, said the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

The Manhattan federal case noted the two separate youth organizations have long coexisted.

But problems arose when “core gender distinction” was altered by the Boy Scouts of America, which announced in October 2017 it would open its doors to girls beginning in 2019.'

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The GSA sees its ready supply of child labor threatened by the BSA. Instead of turning them into little cookie hustlers, the BSA may actually succeed in teaching girls a few things about honor, integrity, and wilderness survival. Heck they may even teach them some semblance of taking responsibility for their own actions.

This terrifies the GSA. They have created an army of cookie-peddling moppets who fill the purses of the so-called leaders of the GSA. Once the girls find out what scouting looks like when the child labor exploitation piece is removed, the GSA will lose their little cookie gnomes and all the moolah they generate. They are pissing their official GSA panties over this possibility so they're suing the BSA.

They can go mount their Sybians and set them to "fast" and fuck themselves until next Tuesday for all I care.

Suck it up ladies, you have only yourselves to blame.

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Wasn't the Girl Scouts that did this, this was the leadership of the Boy Scouts allowing girls to enter so they can beef up their membership numbers and revenue. The thing about the few girls wanting to join Boy Scouts was so they could become Eagle Scouts, which the GSA doesn't have.

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I am sure the girls wanting to join the BSA have various motivations. But the GSA's motivation for trying to stop the BSA from admitting girls? Cookie revenue. They want girls to go around hawking cookies. The GSA makes MILLIONS off of cookie sales and most of it is kept by the women who run the troops and the council executives. It's like Amway only the ppl making the money don't actually do the selling. They get children to do it for them.

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So it seems that different groups wanted the Boy Scouts to do different things regarding whether to include girls or not. Some feminists and some girls wanted the Boy Scouts to be inclusive of girls and change their name, and the Girl Scouts didn't want that. Still, it shows that whatever men do to accommodate women and girls, they'll be criticized from one angle or another.

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