Paternity Fraud High in Nigeria as Fathers Have Been Raising Children That Are not Theirs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Social media, particularly Twitter, has been awash with reports that Nigeria has the second highest rate of paternity fraud in the world, with Jamaica leading on the list. But how true is this?

Paternity fraud is a deeply problematic issue in Nigeria as fathers have been raising children that are not theirs. It is something that can frighten you, but again, that's the reality prevailing. But just how serious is it?
"The implications of paternity fraud are major, disrupting relationships, homes, and marriages.  Victims of this crime – father or child, stands the risk of depression, and mental health problems. A child victim is more likely to have self esteem issues and anxiety. When women make the choice to lie about the paternity of their children, they should bear in mind the misery and heartache these children may later experience."

What is beyond doubt, nonetheless, is that lots of paternity fraud are going on in Nigeria. Why women would pin children on wrong fathers, well...

Should DNA testing be made mandatory at birth in order to curb this?'

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