Tulane may open women's programming to men after civil rights complaint filed

Article here. Excerpt:

'Following a complaint to the U.S. Department of Education, Tulane University may soon allow men to participate in programs of the Newcomb College Institute, an organization that administers scholarships and provides clubs and activities for women in order to promote feminist issues.

The complaint was made to the department's Office of Civil Rights in August. Tulane officials said the complaint specifically said Newcomb Institute "scholarships for women are discriminatory against men.”

The institute is an umbrella organization that runs programs formerly operated by H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, a historic women's college that was closed when Tulane combined its undergraduate colleges in 2006.

The institute oversees Newcomb College's former endowment, valued at approximately $40 million, by administering money to support female students’ research, advocate for a gender-integrated curriculum and promote student organizations for women.

To that end, it sponsors women's academic and social clubs, such as the Feminist Alliance of Students at Tulane and the African-American Women's Society.'

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