Where has all the testosterone gone?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Being a man once meant tackling any and all situations that came your way. This included hitting on girls, enjoying a few cold beers, and assuming control of your environment (which sometimes included throwing ice during a bar fight). Today that kind of behavior might lose you a seat on the Supreme Court. America has turned into a nation of effeminate, chai tea sipping basement boys who can’t handle anything but an iPhone. When a problem rears its ugly head they run to the nearest closet. New Age men are more concerned with how others perceive them instead of actually being the person they want to be. They are nowhere as manly (or human) as Brett Kavanaugh.

The foundation of every hate group is to generalize against a certain demographic in a negative manner. The Democrats’ latest whipping boy is toxic masculinity (TM). Their definition of TM is white men being competitive (also called winning), acting strong (instead of sensitive and vulnerable), expressing their (offensive) love of women, and not showing enough interest in the LGBTQ community. For hyper-moralizing liberals, masculinity represents violence, oppression, gender suppression, and policing of anything not considered virile. They insist it’s better to be weak. It’s an accomplishment to do nothing.'

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