Feminist Ally Accused Of Rape By #MeToo Movement Is Fighting Back

Article here. Excerpt:

'Stephen Elliott founded the left-wing website The Rumpus and is a staunch feminist ally. That, however, didn’t protect him from being anonymously accused of rape on a list of “S****y Media Men” circulated early in the #MeToo movement.

At first, Elliott, according to an article in The New York Times, was going to just take “a bullet for the movement” and let himself be falsely accused. You know, like a good ally.

“Multiple people asked me at first if I was O.K. just taking a bullet for the movement,” Elliott told Bari Weiss of the Times. “Because of their politics and, frankly, because of mine.”

“If I was to come out and say, ‘Hey, I was falsely accused of rape,’ it would be like I was attacking this movement which at the time, was a movement that I believed in,” he added.

But while Elliott accepted his fate, getting “high for three months,” he saw his life crumble.

“He lost friends. His Hollywood agent stopped calling him back. Already prone to depression, he became suicidal,” Weiss wrote.'

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