Australasian Housing Institute Members: Please vote in upcoming Director elections

Voting form here. Elections are as much about who you vote against as who you vote for, and female candidates are openly appealing to female members to vote on the basis of their gender, despite homelessness/lack of secure housing predominately affecting men in Australia. From the SA candidate profiles:

'Julie Blake, Chief Executive Officer, Westside Housing Association
In a sector where the majority of service delivery staff are female but the top executive roles are predominantly held by men, I am proud to set an example for younger professionals in our sector to aspire to the top roles such as CEO in the sector.'

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... but is it really any surprise? I mean, it happens all the time. I see "vote for me because I'm female" stuff regularly.

I have noted that it doesn't seem to work. That is because having a vagina qualifies one to fuck just like having a dick does likewise. But that's all it does.

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