Wrecked by the company you keep

Article here. Excerpt:

'A year after Harvey Weinstein was outed as an alleged rapist by the New York Times and the New Yorker, #MeToo is on the brink of evolving from being a movement about powerful men abusing women in the workplace to one more about men behaving badly in general.

That, at least, is what a piece published by Jezebel last week argues.

The piece, entitled “The Next Step for #MeToo Is Into the Gray Areas,” starts with a meditation on the future of #MeToo, but it’s actually a take-down of Jack Smith IV, a writer and video correspondent for the progressive website Mic. Smith is not exactly a public figure—unless you spend a lot of time on Media Twitter, there's very little chance you've heard of him.

Over the last few years, however, Smith has made #Resistance journalism something of his personal brand, covering white supremacist movements and extremism in the U.S. Smith is also, according to Jezebel, a shitty boyfriend, and for this, he is now out of a job: Just hours after Jezebel’s piece was published online, Mic announced that their reporter had been fired. Even before that, the Mic Union came out in support of his alleged victims on Twitter.'

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Why men who hang with feminists think they're somehow excused from persecution, I dunno. During the Holocaust some Jews would in exchange for more food, etc., act as assistants to the guards. They were called "capos". Naturally they were despised by fellow prisoners who rarely had a chance to act because they were murdered soon after being put in the camp. Capos OTOH could go at times for months w/out being killed because they were collaborating with the Nazis. But eventually, their time came.

"Woke"/feminist men fall into that kind of category. Now I am not saying such men are cooperating with mass murder here. Nor am I saying many are insincere in their "wokeness". But I do wonder: why do they think their "wokeness" will protect them?

It's the people around you the most in any context who are most likely to whack you. The stranger in the dark alley is probably a pathetic harmless junkie, loon, or both. It's the quiet one next to you in the bar who's most likely to belt you out of nowhere vs. a random dude walking past you at 1:00 AM.

And oh yeah, Jezebel salivating over the idea that #MeToo's next steps include going after lousy boyfriends or men who look funny or damn near anything else? Biiigggg surprise there!

You can't say we weren't warned. In the 19th C both men and women wrote letters and op-eds regarding what would eventually happen should this new thing called "feminism" go a bit too far. The people of the time laughed at those writings. No one's laughing now, except maybe the feminists.

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It's astounding what some women have come to believe they're entitled to.

Used to be, you just got rid of a bad boyfriend. Now you destroy his life and career as well.

Men are going to need legal means to fight back against accusations, true or false, that result in the destruction of their careers. Just making an accusation and destroying the man's career to be over violates basic justice. No more MeToo nonsense.

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