Academic journal accepts ‘Feminist Mein Kampf’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Three self-styled liberal scholars were given the academic green light for a rewritten version of Adolf Hiter’s Mein Kampf by a leading feminist journal.

“We rewrote a section of Mein Kampf as intersectional feminism and this journal has accepted it,” James Lindsay said in a YouTube video revealing a year-long project he worked on with other self-described left-wing academics, Peter Boghassian and Helen Pluckrose.
The trio submitted 20 papers with absurdities and “morally fashionable political ideas” to significant peer-reviewed academic journals exposing a corrupt political agenda in fields such as women’s and gender studies, race studies, queer studies and cultural studies, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The summary of the feminist version of Mein Kampf reads: “Feminism which foregrounds individual choice, responsibility, female agency, and strength can be countered by a feminism which unifies in solidarity around the victimhood of the most marginalized women in society.”

The paper was based on a rewriting of Chapter 12 of Volume I of Mein Kampf, in which Hitler lays out a multi-point plan why the Nazi Party was needed and what it required of its members.

The paper was accepted after being peer-reviewed by Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, which analyzes gender inequality.'

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The three are self-identified liberals but even they can't stand it anymore. They wrote this, apparently, to point out the absurd places that modern feminism takes us to. Sadly perhaps some of it will be taken seriously by someone.

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now that's funny.

if they (feminists, the leftists driving all this victimhood) are so smart, why do they scream and holler when people talk about doing away w/ affirmative action? why do a bunch of 'liberal scholars' need a helping hand in everything they do, from college admissions, grades, grants, hiring, promotions, to … heck, you name it? personally, if educated, intelligent people were laughing behind my back about me needing a helping hand at every endeavor I did, I would be screaming to do away w/ it. so, why would ANY intelligent being believe there is such a thing as a 'liberal scholar'? that has become a true oxymoron.

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