Woman Claimed 4 Dentists Raped Her; Video Evidence Results In Dropped Charges

Article here. Excerpt:

'Prosecutors for the state of Nevada dropped all charges that were filed against four men — three of whom are brothers — after a woman falsely accused them of raping her in late July.

The unnamed woman claimed that Ali Badkoobehi, Poria Edalat, Saman Edalat and Sina Edalat had repeatedly raped her in a hotel suite at the Wynn after she met one of the men at the hotel bar, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. She told investigators that Badkoobehi pushed her into a chair and then forced himself on top of her before the three other men entered the suite and took turns raping her. According to the report, the woman said she tried to resist, "but she was too intoxicated and overwhelmed because of how many people were attacking her and she could not fight back."

In a short hearing on Monday, state prosecutors dropped all charges against the four men — which included sex assault, conspiracy to commit sexual assault, and first-degree kidnapping — after video evidence emerged that cleared the men of the allegations made against them.

"Badkoobehi’s attorneys Robert Draskovich and Michael Horvath said video showed that the allegations were false and the sex was consensual," the Review-Journal reports. "Craig Hendricks, who represents Poria Edalat, said prosecutors were presented exculpatory video evidence that showed 'extremely different' circumstances than what was initially reported to authorities."'

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Always. If you run a train on a girl, always film it. You may need it as evidence when she gets caught by a husband or bf and then needs to say she was gang-raped, or if word gets out among her feminist friends, she'll need an out to save face.

Seriously, guys: ALWAYS record gang bangs, breeding parties, trains, whatever you call it, if it's a group of men (3 or more) taking turns/tagging/fingercuffing a female, make sure someone video records it. Don't go posting it online now unless she says she wants it. But make sure she knows she is being recorded. If she says no, call off the party. NEVER pass around a chick without recording it. The first thing she'll do if she needs an out is accuse you of raping her.

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