The Dilemma of the Liberal White Male in an Age of Identity Politics

Article here. Excerpt:

'In short, the ideal society as I see it is one in which we’re all free to express who we are without facing adversity or a lack of opportunity because of factors we can’t control, such as race, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, creed, etc.

And while I recognize the privilege I enjoy as a white man in this society, something deeply disturbing is happening underneath all the noise and bullshit that’s been inherent in our news cycles since Donald Trump was elected president.

It’s this: people on the left — especially women and people of color — have become quite comfortable expressing misandry (the hate of men) and/or racism — in this case toward white people.

A few points if I may:

  • Hating men does not advance the cause of feminism. If it does, then it’s a toxic movement.
  • Hating white people does not advance the cause of people of color. Again, if it does, it’s toxic.
  • I did not choose to be white or a man. I was born that way and had no more say in the matter than does anyone else.
  • I am not in any way responsible for Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, or the misogynistic state of the Republican Party (for years I blogged in direct opposition, actually), nor am I responsible for the historic oppression of African Americans or women. I was born in the 80s for Christ’s sake!

And yet, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and even in the pages of major newspapers and magazines like the NY Times, Cosmo, Vogue, The Huffington Post, etc., I regularly see people express views that are toxic and offensive. More often it’s misandry than racism, but there’s plenty of that too.'

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Indeed, some male feminists are getting #woke by the slew of hatred being heaped on men/white/white men by all the lovely SJWs.

My personal policy is to terminate any rel'p with a person who spews #wokeness on me. I have had friends even from college hit me with "You are a privileged white male and should..." When this happens I inform them our rel'p is over and then I unfriend them in person or virtually if that is how it happens and block them on all media accounts. If linked on LinkedIn, I un-link them. If they have a phone number, I block it. From that point onward they are an un-person.

Likewise if someone starts blathering about non-whites or hate-talks about the fairer sex I cease dealing with them. I have no time in my life for racists/bigots of any flavor.

Social isolation isn't just a great way to punish but a great way to keep your sanity. I find the fewer people I know and deal with by and large the happier I am. I just wish I had figured this out when I was younger. I'd've stopped dealing with most other people a long time ago if I had only known then what I know now. I.e., most people you interact with are not worth your time and trouble and they are better avoided.

This is why I am also a big fan of WFH. Why more companies don't do it, I don't know. It'd save an unholy fortune on office space and other crap if you didn't need to put people in seats. And in many cases nowadays you don't. The more face time people get with each other the more likely is someone to be offended about something then complain/sue. Keep workers apart from each other and minimize contact amongst them to only work-necessary comm'ns and a whole slew of problems go away.

Just sayin'.

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