Woman refused sex, knifes man in face

Article here. People react at their worst when their delusions are challenged. Many women think two things are true which are not: they can have any man they want any time and he will eagerly bang her. Neither are true. Excerpt:

'The combination of lust, liquor and a large kitchen utensil landed a Vero Beach woman in jail on charges of felony battery with a deadly weapon, cops say.

An arrest report says when a Vero Beach cop showed up at the apartment that 27-year-old Katherine Nieves Tavarez shares with live-in boyfriend Amaury Vazquez Carrero, Nieves Tavarez “answered the door with blood on her clothing and blood on her hands.”

Then the officer saw Vazquez Carrero “fall to the floor with blood covering his face.” When asked what happened, he replied, “she hit me with a knife” and “I can’t see.”

He told officers Nieves Tavarez had been drinking before she approached him early Thursday as he sat on the couch with a request for sex. His repeated refusals, he said, brought the wrath of her yelling. He said he went out to the patio.'

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Another one:


Long but worth it.

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CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill said that rape culture is so pervasive that he believes Brett Kavanaugh could have been telling the truth during his testimony last week despite having actually assaulted Dr. Ford back when they were in high school. He made the observation during a segment of “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on CNN Monday afternoon.

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Brett K. may have been telling the truth when he said he never jumped Dr. Ford or anyone else like that -- while still actually having done so -- because "rape culture" is so pervasive.

Hmmm. Analogy:

The sun rises in the east -- it also rises in the west though. But to deny it rises in the east may not be wrong because the sun rises in the west so much.

Not sure if that quite works. Then again the insanity of the original proposition is very hard to wrap my head around to begin with.

"Can God create a rock so big that He himself cannot lift it?"

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