UK: Feminists are just ‘whining’ for ‘special privileges’, says Ann Widdecombe

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ann Widdecombe has said women have never had it so good as she slammed feminists for wanting ‘special privileges’.

The former Tory MP said we are in the age of ‘whine’ and ‘whinge’ and attacked women for saying they have it harder than men.

Writing in the Radio Times, the 70-year-old said: ‘Until the 1970s it was lawful for employers to advertise a job with two rates of pay, one for men and one for women.
'The feminists of those years yelled that all we wanted was equality. Now that has turned into a pathetic whine for special privileges. No, thanks, sisters. I’ll do what I’ve always done and compete on merit.’

The former Celebrity Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing contestant said it was hard to see what some women complain about when Britain has its second female Prime Minister and the Metropolitan Police is being run by a woman for the first time.'


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