Federal court determines uni violated Title IX by cutting women's sports programs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Eastern Michigan University women's sports teams will not be cut after a federal court granted a preliminary injunction to stop the elimination of the programs by the university.

According to court documents, EMU violated Title IX by eliminating two women's sports teams earlier this year in an effort to cut back on university expenses, a federal court decided Thursday.

The lawsuit was filed after EMU announced in March it would get rid of four sports teams including men's wrestling, men's swimming and diving, women's tennis and women's softball.'

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P. 15 of the finding: "Moreover, the fact that Defendants have also eliminated men’s teams does not negate a potential finding of intentional discrimination."

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What a fine example of female privlege.

Treating women the same as men is acpparently discrimination now.

Welcome to the world of doublespeak. Orwell would be proud.

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