Teacher Acquitted of Having Sex With Student Finds Work as a Waitress

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former high school teacher in Maine is now working as a waitress after she was wrongly accused of having sex with a student.

Jill LaMontagne, a married mother of two, was a health teacher at Kennebunk High School.

Last year, the 30-year-old’s world was shaken after a 17-year-old student came forward to claim they had engaged in a sexual relationship while she was tutoring him.

She was forced to resign and was criminally charged with 14 offenses.

“The way people in public interpret that is like, 'Oh, she's gotta to be guilty, 14 counts,'” she told Inside Edition.

At the trial, the teen testified that he and LaMontagne had sex in her classroom and home. But the jury questioned his credibility, and after deliberating for just two hours, they returned with a not guilty verdict.

“I had to hold it in, if needed to hear all 14 before I could release the floodgates,” she said of her acquittal and vindication.

Despite her acquittal in the case, LaMontagne says she's had a difficult time finding a job. A local diner is the only place that would hire her.

“I had never even gotten a speeding ticket, and now I have a mugshot in our local newspaper,” she said.'

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She was found not guilty and yet can't get a job again as a teacher so is waiting tables. There is never a reason to gloat over another's misfortune or jump up and down and scream "How do YOU like it??" That is SJW behavior and I'd like to think MRAs are a bit better as human beings than that. It only goes to point out that once accused, you are guilty as charged. In a woman's case it may be less so but still true. One accusation by a child or possibly an adult (esp. so when a woman accuses a man) and a person is ruined in many ways. As a society, I do think we can do better.

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What about the "not guilty" verdict is the issue here? Are we supposed to pretend, as feminists do, that every accusation = guilt?

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She was found NG and yet can't get a job teaching now. In some cases but hardly all, the same thing happens to women accused of sexual misconduct as men. Esp. if it's from a minor, charged = guilty.

In America, the ceiling of the star chamber seems to be the actual stars in the sky.

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