Australia: Should there be such a thing as a misogyny hate crime?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Australia has led much of the world when it comes to outlawing hate speech and crimes, especially when it comes to race, religion, and sexual orientation.

But what about crimes specifically targeted at women? Should our laws reflect the gendered motivations behind online abuse, rape and sexual harassment and hate speech, as is being tested in the UK? There is a strong argument it should.
Gendered crimes against women are as various as they are harmful, both physically and mentally. They include sexual assault, online abuse, upskirting, stalking or being followed, groping, threatening, aggressive or intimidating behaviour, indecent exposure and unwanted sexual advances.

These happen at all sorts of places, as noted in the research: bars and nightclubs, public transport, the workplace, parks, universities, restaurants, gyms, petrol stations, cinemas, car parks and shops.'

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The other things discussed including street-level harassment are already illegal. The new thing is prosecuting "misogyny" on-line. What this translates to is prohibiting anything written by a man that upsets a woman such that she complains about it *as a crime* to police. If the law reads that the language is "harassing", that could mean anything, including merely pointing out the ludicrousness of her statement.

This is what they are shooting for.

But they also want perhaps to strengthen the current laws so that for example recent immigrants from certain parts of the world for whom harassing women with the temerity to go around with their faces uncovered is SOP. That I can understand entirely. But they are trying to slip in the prosecution/persecution of men who actually stand up to feminist horsecrap.

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