‘It’s not the patriarchy, it’s you:’ Fox News contributor criticizes state of feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'In a talk titled “it’s not the patriarchy, it’s you,” Fox News contributor and TV personality Rachel Campos-Duffy discussed how she found happiness as a conservative woman Wednesday evening.

The event was hosted by the Luce Society, University of Wisconsin chapter in Memorial Union.

Despite criticism toward young conservative women in today’s political climate, Campos-Duffy encouraged them to hold strong in their traditional values in the face of “angry liberal feminists.”

“I believe that a lot of conservative women’s happiness comes from refusing to follow the feminist script,” Campos-Duffy said.

The “feminist script” demonizes women who choose family over their career and refusing to join the “feminist mean girls club” will make conservative women happier, she said.

Modern feminism, she said, has done the opposite of what it set out to do: give women options. The “so-called feminist movement” isn’t really a woman’s movement.'

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