It’s not feminist to pour bleach on manspreaders, it’s just stupid

Article here. Excerpt:

'Did you hear the one about the Russian student who was so fed up with manspreading that she took to the subways of St Petersburg to spray diluted bleach on men’s crotches? Hilarious, right?


Look, I hate manspreading as much as the next unreasonable feminist. It’s antisocial, it’s rude, it displays an arrogant disregard for the people sitting around you. It’s a behaviour that women just wouldn’t get away with.
But — and bear with me here — even if men invade my personal space in a tragic attempt to signal to the world just how massive their penis is, I just don’t believe that terrorising men is the way to achieve feminist goals. Shocking I know.

I tend to be leery of “more harm than good” arguments against feminist campaigning. After all, I’ve been accused of it often enough myself. I’m harming feminism, say deeply concerned men who only want the best for women, by campaigning for female representation. I appreciate their advice, of course, but on the whole have gone ahead and ignored it.'

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