Man scales El Capitan free solo

Article here. Undoubtedly feminists and SJWs will say he was able to do it due to his heterosexual white male privilege. Excerpt:

''So delighted’ might not be what many would utter if they were the first person ever to perform the death-defying feat of climbing the 3,000 foot, vertical El Capitan without a rope, but Alex Honnold isn’t most people. It took eight years of dreaming, a year and a half of preparation, and one failed attempt for Honnold, a professional climber and now 33, to reach the top of the iconic and daunting rock formation that is Yosemite’s El Cap.

'Free Solo’ is a new documentary that chronicles Honnold scaling what he called the ‘pinnacle of climbing’ in three hours and 56 minutes on June 3, 2017. It also shows how Honnold – considered to be one of the best free solo climbers, which means climbing alone and without any equipment – overcame the challenging sections of the rock face as he meticulously went over and over his moves, which included a karate kick, as an actor rehearses lines for a play.'

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