Mayor seeks to stop first sex doll brothel in US from opening

Article here. Excerpt:

'The mayor of Houston is exploring options in an effort to “restrict or regulate” the first so-called “robot sex brothel” in the United States that is slated to open this month in the city.

“This is not the kind of business I would like to see in Houston and certainly this is not the kind of business the City is seeking to attract,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said in an email statement to Fox News.

His office said it is not accurate to call it a "brothel," and pointed out that Yuval Gavriel, the founder of KinySdollS, calls it a showroom. Gavriel said customers can try out the merchandise.

Gavriel made the announcement last week in The Washington Examiner, telling the paper he plans to expand to 10 locations throughout the U.S. by 2020.

The company opened its first location last year near Toronto, where $60 buys a half-hour alone with a robot sex doll, according to the Examiner. The dolls start at $2,500.'

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... in Dixieee!" LOL! Well I mean this IS Texas we're talking about, there is no state more fit for legalized whore-banging than Texas! I mean, shit, it's legal to carry a handgun in your car WITHOUT a license just so long as it remains concealed. Yes you read that right. Further it used to be only concealed carry was legal even with a permit but now open carry is legal, though discouraged as being "antagonizing". It's the opposite in other states where a license to carry *requires* you do so openly.

This is how it is in Texas, folks. In other states, an open carry shows you have nothing to hide. In Texas, it means you're a lookin' to play fast-draw and see who is luckiest today. Yep.

LOL. Been to Texas. Never seen a one person carrying a weapon except police officers. There were signs advertising guns and ammo for sale places, ranges available for practice, etc., but that's about all. I have heard from Texans that in practice if you carry openly the chances are good a police officer will stop you and ask to see your license and further ask why you feel the need to do so.

Texas is not well-represented in the US or in the minds of people overseas. They think it's all cowboys and big pickups and steer. And oil. No. It is a very eclectic, cosmopolitan, and highly diverse (in many ways) state. A plurality of its residents are of Hispanic origin for example. The image that it's a bunch of gun-totin' white dudes in 10-gallon hats is utter hogwash. But the SIZE... it's a huge place. It's a full day (24 hrs.) to drive across it. And the cities sprawl out like it's not to be believed.

But there is no state income tax in TX due to the oil revenue. And 1,000s of people are moving into the state each day with not many moving out. They like to say that the people leaving NY and CA are all going to TX and FL. LOL.

Anyway, this resistance to doll-banging should come as no surprise. The absolute terror felt by both sexes at the idea that men may no longer be beholden to human females for sex is truly mythic. What praytell is the big fucking deal? Men banging hot droids/sex dolls does not mean the birth rate will crash. That is happening already and it is happening due to a combination of female-controlled things: birth control drugs, abortions, and just plain choosing not to have kids.

Yet somehow a guy banging a sex doll means the end is nigh?

Forgive me but the end already is nigh. It's just a matter of the details.

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not unusual in the South, sensible gun laws. last I heard Alabama has pretty much the same laws about being hidden in the car as Texas. when u cross the chatt. river into Ga. u need to put the gun out where it can easily be seen. your house is considered an extension of your home here.

as for robot love, who can stop true love?

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