“Toxic masculinity” blamed for New Zealand’s high construction suicide rate

Article here. Excerpt:

'A report published by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (Branz) has found that the suicide rate in the country’s construction industry is the highest of any industrial sector, and is largely the result of a “toxic” culture of on-site bullying.

Construction workers account for 6.9% of all suicides in New Zealand, marginally higher than that of farming and forestry, which sits at 6.8%.

Chris Litten, head of industry research at Branz, said a consistent message emerged from its survey of the industry. “We found that the culture of toxic masculinity is really rife. The ‘take a concrete pill and harden up’ attitude is really prevalent in the industry.”

He added that construction’s boom-and-bust cycle played a part by giving workers either too much work or too little, calling it “really draining and stressful on people”, because booms result in long hours, fatigue and a greater incidence of separation and divorce.

People interviewed cited intolerance of workers who varied from the white, male, heterosexual norm, drug and alcohol abuse, the low status of construction as a career and conflicts between young and older men on site.'

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The article mentions a higher than usual divorce rate. If there is a bullying culture then indeed, that would be a factor, though I would say if one doesn't like the hazing/bullying thing, he would probably move on to a different job. Now this doesn't mean it should not end. I am just saying that it's more likely things not associated with work are a factor. Am guessing the higher incidence of divorce is a factor.

My suggestion to these fellows is don't get married. Avoid the occasions of sin.

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