Russia: Feminist Pours Bleach On Over 60 Men's Crotches To Fight 'Manspreading'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Feminist activist and Russian law student Anna Dovgalyuk has taken to pouring a bleach and water mixture on the crotches of unsuspecting men on the St. Petersburg Metro for their anti-feminist sin of "manspreading."

How this fights The Patriarchy exactly remains unclear.

In the "video manifesto," Dovgalyuk dumps the mixture contained in a water bottle onto over 60 men's crotches. Most are too stunned to react, but others attempt to confront her for her abhorrent actions.

"This solution is 30 times more concentrated than the mixture used by housewives when doing the laundry," she claims in the video, per The Sun. "It eats colours in the fabric in a matter of minutes — leaving indelible stains."'


Spread your legs? Get it! (video manifesto of Anna Dovgalyuk) / Spread your legs? Here you go (Translated from Russian)

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So, along with "mansplaining," the latest neologism for shaming men is "manspreading." And just what do we call it when a woman places her bags on seats next to her, as I often see on trains and busses? I notice in the video that in NONE of the cases where she douses the men are the trains at all crowded, so the men could hardly be accused of taking up too much room. I noticed that a few went after her for her assault (which would permanently ruin clothing), but the video doesn't show how those pursuits ended. I'm sure that if the men so much as touched those women, THEY would be the criminals and would be liable for arrest. How should men react when assaulted by women they don't even know?

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This is clearly just garbage false news. Concentrated bleach able to leave stains on clothes as described, would also burn the skin. Use of concentrated bleach on skin without immediate removal (i.e. repeated rinsing with copious water) may result in full thickness burns, particularly around less sun exposed areas like the groin.

If this was an actual event, these mens would require emergency admission to specialty burns units, would very likely suffer severe burns to their genitals and groin and would be scarred for life. This kind of attack should be classified as a severe form of sexual assault and torture. But because it is a women assaults man event, its being viewed as witty and funny.

Even as fake news, this kind of publication glorifies and encourages these kinds of attacks on a person selected on the basis of their gender, and should be viewed for what they are. HATE SPEECH. This publication clear seeks to encourage women to sexually assault men, and inflict severe injury to the genitals. Of course, nothing will be said or done about it due to the entrenched gender hatred endemic in modern journalism. Modern journalism, dominated by feminist ideology, views events like this as justified (i.e. tweeting "KillAllMen" or suggesting that men should all just kill themselves, is portrayed in modern journalism as a feminist virtue).

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