When Every Boy Is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes a Monster

Article here. Excerpt:

'I have a problem when I get angry. The problem is that I’ve long ago learned – particularly in dealing with traditional publishers – to get depressed instead of letting myself go berserk. Mostly because when you’re dealing with publishers they’re not near enough to vent your berserker on, so you just end up hurting yourself. (Whoever said stress is the feeling you get when you can’t strangle someone who righteously deserves it was right on the money.)

Lately, I’ve been getting deeply, profoundly depressed, which is why I’ve been so silent. (Yes, post three on how to write short stories is on the way.)

So many things are winding up, it’s not even worth listing them all. The most proximal one, though, is the accusation against Kavanaugh, which, even if true, would not be in any way actionable nor, barring this behavior persisting into adulthood, mean anything about his character as a grown-up. High school has always been a weird and psychologically unstable part of anyone's growing up years, partly because we’re all learning the ropes of what “adult” means, and partly because we’re isolated with other kids, also all learning the ropes. (It’s not the best system, no.)
We’re handing females weapons with which to destroy innocent males. I don’t care what the imbalance of power was in the past: no male alive is responsible for how people lived 100 years ago. And there were reasons (biological, mostly) for that imbalance of power, which had nothing to do with men being “oppressors.”

We’re turning females into monsters.

We’re making it impossible for the next generation to marry and raise healthy children.

This is the way civilization ends, not with a bang but with a “he touched me, decades ago, at a party occurring in a place and time I can’t recall.” And all of society plays along, treats this as credible.'

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Young men used to be told by priests: avoid the company of women. They are a source of temptation and a spiritual stumbling block outside of Holy Matrimony.

The priests were wrong of course.

But today if anyone tells young men "avoid the company of women (and girls)", it is actually sound, practical advice. In the case of these stories told by an exasperated mother, it is hard to do so when in a public mixed-sex school. Her advice to home-school boys is a good idea. Girls too if you don't want them exposed to feminism and socialism at school. Look out for the state curricula though, they will try to shoe-horn it into even the home-schooling stuff.

Teach your sons to avoid girls. Instead tell them to jerk off and once old enough to consent, take them to the nearest red light district or web browser and teach them how to find really cheap hookers to fuck. Or at some point help them order their first sex-bot. Make a sex-bot an 18th birthday gift.

I foresee a time when 18-YO boys get sex-bots for their adulthood birthday vs. a car or some other kind of thing.

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One thing that often happens with accusations against a famous man is that more women come forward, as with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. I'm skeptical of some of those women because a lot just want to cash in.

But it's also significant to me that no other women have come forward to make similar complaints against Kavanaugh. Now if more women coming forward is supposed to prove the guilt of the accused, then no women coming forward to make more complaints against Kavanaugh suggests that it's false. He's not some Bill Cosby who was accused dozens of times. All the women who have supported him have said he's always behaved in an exemplary manner. That was not the case with Weinstein, Cosby, or Bill Clinton.

So I'm inclined to say nothing happened long ago in a house far, far away, so far away the accuser can't remember it. If she went to the police with this complaint, I doubt they would do anything. She doesn't tell a convincing story.

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