So what kind of story to believe?

IMO, this is the kind of story one may be inclined to believe is *likely* to be true. Corroboration is still required. However I am inclined to believe the accusers. One may feel that they were far from total innocent fawns and I agree they were. However that doesn't mitigate the alleged behavior of the accused. That I am inclined to believe them doesn't vacate the need for corroboration however but it looks like they can provide it. Fellow MRAs, please comment. What is your opinion? Excerpt:

'Veteran professors at the Manhattan school renowned for training future crime-fighters ran a lawless den of depravity called “the swamp,” where they allegedly used and sold drugs, and “pimped” out and sexually preyed on students, according to two women at the center of a widening scandal at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The shocking allegations are now under criminal probe by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the state Inspector General, The Post has learned.

After the paper first revealed two weeks agothat formal sex-harassment complaints against four professors were being probed by the taxpayer-funded CUNY school, the two alleged victims decided to go public.

In exclusive, hours-long interviews with The Post, the accusers shared their formal complaints and described how the charismatic CUNY profs targeted them as vulnerable undergraduates and lured them into their pot-smoking circle of acolytes, only to sexually assault them and attempt to have them sexually service professors at other colleges — and worse.'

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