Letter: Women's march to demand that old white men get out

Article here. Excerpt:

'To the editor:

I have been following this Supreme Court fiasco since Mitch McConnell stole President Obama's court seat. First Gorsuch and now an alleged assaulter. This is what needs to happen, and it needs to happen before November.

Imagine 25 or 30 million women in the streets of Washington D.C..marching, rallying, organizing, saying, in one voice, no more rapists, no more wife beaters, no more cheating husbands, no more.

Imagine if 30 million women went to Washington and said, in one voice, enough is enough with all you disgusting rich old white men destroying our country and the rest of this earth for the sake of your greed and lust and selfishness. Enough of your plundering of our treasures and killing our loved ones and destroying the planet that we are leaving for our children. Enough! Trump, get out! McConnell, get out! Grassley, get out! And take all the other Republicans with you.

The men I am speaking of, not just the few I named, but pretty much all of the he-man, women-haters club known as the Rethuglican Party would go away cowering with their tail between their legs, crying to Fox News and their big money donors.'

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Ok so we know what's gotten under this lady's craw.

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Good point, Matt.

This letter is so nasty I surprised any newspaper printed it.

Alas, it probably reflects what a lot of women think.

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... to be click bait specifically or the paper actually thought it would appeal to their readership. Or both.

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