The #MeToo movement now represents a threat to basic justice

Article here. Excerpt:

'If you ever find yourself on a rape charge and you happen to have Jenni Russell on the jury then you should be worried. Jenni believes that ‘justice is being betrayed by society’s bias towards believing men’. In fact, as Jenni says in a Times column, she knows ‘how men with sterling reputations can behave’.

No need for evidence, ‘we just know’. Such is the prejudice displayed when discussing the Democrat takedown of Brett Kavanaugh. This is the kind of thinking that saw black men lynched in the Deep South on the say-so of the nice white lady. Sure, we just know what they are like. Those black men.

In fact, the last time the Democrats attempted a takedown of a Supreme Court nominee was indeed against that uppity black man Clarence Thomas, who was a conservative and refused to stay in his lane, aka the Democrat plantation. They failed then, but they destroyed his reputation in the eyes of many.

Jenni thinks that the default position has been: ‘Believe the men. That’s been the default position, not just for decades, but for millennia. A woman’s standing is instantly undermined by making an allegation. Women are dismissed as hysterical, or fantasists, or crazy for attention; as vengeful careerists or untrustworthy young girls.’'

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Bet if I checked the logs, someone surfed in from NOW's domain or someplace like that. :)

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