Canada: Candidate rejects women-only public debate for municipal candidates

Article here. Excerpt:

'Town Ward candidate Jenny Lanciault says that a forthcoming public debate for women candidates in the municipal election is sexist — and she won't attend unless male candidates are invited to participate, too.

"I'm not flying on a gender card," Lanciault said in an interview Tuesday. "I don't want to play into that mindset – I want a level playing field."

The event is called Spotlight on Women and it's being held next week at the Peterborough Public Library.

It's being organized by the Canadian Federation of University Women – Peterborough Club.

The eight women candidates for council have been invited to come speak about the issues and why they're running.

That includes Lanciault and two other women candidates in Town Ward, Kemi Akapo and Jane Davidson (who are running in addition to Coun. Dean Pappas and Jim Russell).'

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