France tackles screen sexism with subsidy for women

Article here. Excerpt:

'France is to give movies made by women a special subsidy bonus in a bid to counter sexism in the film industry, its culture minister said Wednesday.

Francoise Nyssen, who helped launch the 50/50 pledge on gender equality earlier this year that has since shaken Hollywood, said productions that are "exemplary" on equality will get an extra 15 percent subsidy.

The new bonus will work on a points system, Nyssen said, with productions given one point for a female director, scriptwriter or chief technician.'

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... there are women-owned porn-production companies in the world that produce all kinds of stuff. The owners and employees are often almost all women.

Soon France will pay a subsidy to film companies that release such titles as "Girly Fuck-Toys For Public Use" and "Teen Lesbian Nympho Killer Whores From Hell".

Stranger than fiction.

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