Don’t Let The Kavanaugh Confirmation Turn Into A Title IX Kangaroo Court

Article here. Excerpt:

'Senate Democrats and Christine Blasey Ford, have tried—and so far failed—to turn Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation into a Kafkaesque version of a Title IX tribunal, in which the accused is presumed guilty, may not know the identity of the accuser, and is not permitted to mount a defense.

"The Trial” is a dark satire of modern bureaucracy, but a century later it bears a striking resemblance to the kangaroo courts on college campusesthat can ruin the lives male students accused of sexual misconduct.

But the Senate Judiciary Committee isn’t a campus tribunal, and Senate Republicans, to their credit, have thus far refused to turn the confirmation process into one. By setting a public hearing for Monday, and inviting both Ford and Kavanaugh to speak to the accusations, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley have masterfully called Democrats’ hand.'

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