Calls mount for regulation of sex robots

Article here. Excerpt:

'A short drive north of Toronto, $60 buys a half hour alone with a life-sized doll that’s "warm and ready to play.” Customers take rented sex robots to a private room in a warehouse, near an emissions testing center, before returning them for cleaning.

The owner of KinkySdollS told the Washington Examiner he will open a second location in Houston this month, with a goal of 10 U.S. locations by 2020. How? Because there's no regulation.

"The States is a bigger market, and a healthier market, and God bless Trump," said owner Yuval Gavriel.

Although widespread in Europe, there are no known robot brothels yet in the U.S. Gavriel rejects the label, saying he runs a "showroom" that allows people to rent dolls, test them on the premises, and decide whether to buy one.'

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Realistic sex droids one day will effectively replace women in men's personal lives as they are simply a superior alterative, or, will be once the AI is better developed. Until then though ordinary but higher-end sex dolls will do for some guys. Naturally women are flipping out about the competition droids create for men's money but too bad. Drugs are illegal and yet they are everywhere. Sex droids will be no different. This article is actually fairly positive in its spirit, talking about the ease of entry into the marketplace currently available to entrepreneurs. In the #MeToo age, banging dolls and droids is a far better move than wasting money on girls at bars or nearly anywhere else. Droids and dolls don't accuse you of random sex offenses weeks later for whatever nutty reason and let's face it, they're much better fucks than are most women. Otherwise, would there be such demand?

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just read where one sex brothel in Italy was shut down on some bogus charge. one art I just read was how prostitutes are against them. some so called psychologists are claiming they can harm a guys … whatever. I do believe I predicted a couple years ago that sex-bots would be attacked for a variety of reasons by women worried they might cut them out of all the free stuff they glean from guys. i'm either psychic w/ my predictions or women are getting predictable when it comes to shaking down men. probably just the latter.

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Is there someone out there who will pay more than $1300 for a crystal ball in hopes of being able to tell the future? Looks like it.

My own crystal ball says Kavanaugh will get confirmed. Further it says all the female Democrat sens. will throw themselves on the floor of the Senate foaming at the mouth, gnashing their teeth and screaming "RAPE!"

My crystal ball can be a bit dramatic at times. But so can female Democrat senators.

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This may be the article you saw, or could have been one specif. about the Italy place. But yeah, hookers are freaking out. "Normal"* women are next.


*"Normal": these are women who rent themselves out to men without discussing exact figures. Further they will take barter instead of cash. Despite appearing to be "cheaper" than classic hookers, they always somehow manage to leave the client feeling like he paid more than he would have had he just gone to an all-cash-no-typical-relationship-overhead girl (i.e., a classic hooker).

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I have only ever read stuff like this about Spanish or Russian hookers. Goddamn you have to hand it to those crazy bitches, they got BALLZ!

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