Swedish Professor Slammed for Saying Men, Women Biologically Different

Article here. Excerpt:

'Following accusations from students, a professor at one of Sweden's leading academic institutions has refused to back down from his confidence in biological differences between men and women, sticking to his belief that gender cannot be viewed as a social construct alone.

Germund Hesslow, a professor of neurophysiology at Lund University, has been asked for an apology over "transphobic" and "anti-feminist" views inconsistent with the so-called "value base," the Swedish website Academic Rights Watch reported.

Hesslow has for many years held a course on "Heritage and Environment" at Lund University's medical program. In his course, the professor cites empirical research supporting the notion that differences between men and women are biologically founded and cannot be regarded as "social constructs alone," which comes in stark contrast to the trend dominant in gender studies.

Following complaints from a feminist student, who found Hesslow's course to be an expression "of his personal anti-feminist agenda," Christer Larsson, the chairman of the program board for medical education, summoned Hesslow for a meeting within the management team. Hesslow was asked to "distance himself" from two of his claims: "Gay women have a male sexual orientation" and another one about transsexuality, "Whether it's a sexual orientation is a matter of definition" — which he refused to do.'

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Does that make me specieist?

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