Sean Penn criticises #MeToo movement again

Article here. Amazing after his first public criticism he wasn't crucified. I'd say just wait and see now. Excerpt:

'Sean Penn offered some criticisms of the #MeToo movement in a Todayshow interview on Monday, calling the movement divisive.

Penn was appearing on NBC alongside Natascha McElhone, his co-star in a new Hulu series The First, about a space expedition to Mars.

NBC interviewer Natalie Moralesasked the pair if the strong female characters in the show were informed by the #MeToo movement.
"The spirit of much of what has been the #MeToo movement is to divide men and women,” he said.

“Women would say it’s united women,” Morales contended.

“I’m gonna say that women that I talk to, not in front of a camera, that I listen to, of all walks of life, that there’s a common sense that is not represented at all in the discussion when it comes to the media discussion of it, the discussion where if Sean Penn says this, so and so’s going to attack him for saying this, because of that.”'

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If I find out you support #MeToo or if I think you do but won't admit it, you're out of my life. I won't support people in any way who champion lynch mobbery. #MeTooGoneAway

I think people of both sexes need to stop letting themselves get bullied by vile feminist Nazi types. Men can no longer afford to indulge or tolerate these people. Separate yourself from them permanently and don't look back.

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