Ocasio-Cortez: Under no circumstances confirm Kavanaugh

Article here. Video: "Due Process must center on the victim." (6:10).

'“State of the Union,” New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court until the 35-year-old accusation from an anonymous woman was investigated.

Ocasio-Cortez said, “I believe, first of all, Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court under any circumstances, regardless an independent accusation.”

She added, “I certainly think that one of the aspects of due process is that we have to hear these things out and he should certainly not be confirmed before this is explored.”'

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Good art. by Heather MacDonald

'"You have blood on your hands. You’re a murderer,” shouted one of the protesters at Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate hearings of his nomination to the Supreme Court. This apocalyptic rhetoric had been espoused before — at none other than the Yale Law School, immediately after President Donald Trump announced the school’s graduate as his chosen replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy. There, a group of alumni and professors circulated an open letter declaring that selecting Kavanaugh “presents an emergency — for democratic life, for our safety and freedom, for the future of our country.” People “will die” if Kavanaugh is confirmed, the letter announced. By the time of the hearings, Kavanaugh had gone from being a future murderer to an actual one.
The key feature of academic diversity ideology is the assertion that to be a member of an ever-growing number of favored victim groups at a college today is to be the target of pervasive bigotry on campus — despite, well, being favored. Taught by a metastasizing campus-diversity bureaucracy to believe that they are subject to an existential threat from circumambient bias, students equate nonconforming ideas with “hate speech,” and “hate speech” with conduct that should be punished, censored and repelled with force if necessary. This victimology fuels the efforts to shut down speech that challenges campus orthodoxies. Dozens of times in the past several years alone, classrooms have been invaded; professors, accosted and even assaulted; and outside speakers, silenced.'

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... vote for Ocasio-Cortez!!!

Ahhh ha ha ha ha haaaaaahhh! Crazy bitch!

Tbh I didn't like her in that pricey suit she had on when her infamous construction worker photo was taken. I mean, her in a suit is like me in a suit. It's possible yes but it just isn't right.

Plus the cut and style was all wrong. She'd've looked much better in that same dress Natalie Whatsherface wore in the film ver. of "West Side Story" while playing Maria. ("Maria! I just met a girl named Mariiiaaahhhh!"...)

But Cortez is gay so I suppose I have to expect her to go for manish styles of clothing. :) ("Oh he's just like sooooo HETERONORMATIVE and like CISGENDERED and sooo like RACIST and SEXIST!!") Yeah, whatever. Would it sway you to know I'd happily bang the bejeesus out of her little gay socialist commie ass? It's those ADORABLE af cute brown puppy-dog eyes, they just make me MELT like a wallflower standing next to the football team captain. So freaking adorable!

Too bad she's a nutty commie feminist fruit-bat. But whatever. Can't have it all in this life I guess. :)

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