Just #metoo? Nah. #themtoo

Article here. Excerpt:

'So the majority of us try to navigate the minefield as best we can. But others of the with-it variety see the feminist loathing of honorable behavior as license to take the harpies up on their word and jettison anything that would not pass the harridan smell test. That to include treating women with decorum and actual respect due their gender and disposition.

It’s not just #metoo, it’s #themtoo. It’s the feminist lobby that has had a hand in bringing this upon themselves by their War on Men.

No surprise so much of #metoo comes out of the entertainment industry, bastion and progenitor of pop culture indoctrination, home of always clumsy and befuddled dads, evil boyfriends, and male leads with the testosterone levels of slightly bi-curious geraniums. Ironic, perhaps, that the main individual who has ferreted out these obnoxious and boorish deeds by media and Hollywood men is the likely son of Frank Sinatra, Mr. S. not exactly remembered for his noble championship of any stage feminism.'

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