#MeToo has rich men wary of extortion

Article here. Excerpt:

'New York City men are protecting themselves from the dark side of the #MeToo movement, including an upswing in false accusations and blackmail, lawyers and private eyes say.

One young technology exec said he has six Nest cams installed inside his swanky downtown condo to “document and provide corroboration for what’s happening in my private life.”

“It’s an insurance policy,” he said.

When he recently brought home a date and realized she was highly intoxicated, he turned to one of the cams and called her a ride home.

“I tried to keep the interaction fully within views of the camera before calling her a Lyft,” he said.

The exec says #MeToo — while giving a voice to victims of sexual assault and harassment — has emboldened other women to falsely accuse well-appointed men for financial gain, fame or vengeance.

“Anonymous accusations are now possible, and the media believes the court of public opinion should not hold itself to anything resembling the court of law,” he said.'

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Rules for well-off men:

1. Dress down. Really down. No stuffed shirts. The whole no-tie, silk fitted sleeved shirt with designer pants and suit coat: lose it. You need to look like me. Yes, dress like me. Yes. Desperate times make for desperate men. Desperate measures follow. Dress like me. Yep. I know it's a lot to ask, but believe me, women will think you are a common wage-earner and leave you tf alone.
2. Avoid intoxicated women.
3. Avoid feminists. This is a rule for all men, however.
4. Lose outward signs of being well-heeled: the sports car, the villa, etc. Don't talk about any flashy toys you may have secreted away. Mum on the vacations to the Alps, Aspen, the Riviera, or anyplace else.
5. Never and I mean never take a female "under your wing". You will regret that. That was true BEFORE #MeToo. As much as possible stick to doing business with men. The more time you are in the company of women the greater the risk. I kid you not. Any business you have to do with females get it done and skedaddle. Do not flirt and do not discuss anything but work. If they bring up other topics, steer the convo back to business.
6. No more clubbing. Alcohol + women = bad idea, esp. for you. And stop looking for a wife. What are you, nuts? A pre-nup will not save you. No wife. None. Never. You have way too much to lose if you're a rich fucker.
7. For sex bang cheap whores. There are loads of them all over the place. Just open your eyes. You'll spot them once you start looking for them.

And remember, it's not you. It's "society". You did not make this mess you are in. But you have to deal with it. Be practical. Speak out against #MeToo wearing your $6000 tie-less Armani bespoke suit? You're fucked.

Remember, grasshopper: the tree falls in the wind but the reed bends and stays alive.

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Who'd a thunk it?

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the future is clear and the new robot women are looking more and more real. makes one wonder just what they can do. I've heard stories don't ya know? say goodbye to being someone else's servant. it really is looking more and more like our future.

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