Commentary: The ‘Big Man on Campus’ soon to be a mere shadow

Article here. Excerpt:

'When discussed, the quick visceral reaction by female progressives, among others, is something such as “Tough. These privileged males are getting their comeuppance; it is our turn.”

Additionally, it is understandable not to expect concern over a male’s station in life with the steady beats of “this is the year of the women;” “Let’s break the glass ceiling;” pay disparity; and there are not enough women working in (fill in the blank occupation).

Such a response in the long run, does not bode well for any of us. For what these males don’t have, they cannot give back — to women, to families, to the economy or to public discourse. Even worse, disaffected men in any community portends a range of social problems.

For example, men, especially young men, who do not feel a sense of purpose in a society will spend their days idle, or they may turn to crime. Matchmaking chatter of women “marrying down” in the long run is not cute or romantic. Women deserve strong, capable and resourceful partners, and raising a family is hard work. By nature, “being in the family way” takes two for a reason.'

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1. No women trying to get you to ask THEM out.
2. Women not misrepresenting themselves to you.
3. Women not bothering you.
4. Women not bothering to falsely accuse you because Hell, you can't get blood from a stone.

I deliberately dress down to avoid attracting female attention. I make them think I live in a one-room apartment, struggling to pay rent. I avoid discussing what I do for a living. I drive a used car, compact model, pedestrian coloring. If I owned a motorcycle I'd never cruise in a popular area with it but just use it on the open road. (I don't own a motorcycle though because I know myself and I would wrap it around a tree doing 80 on it the first chance I got.)

Bachelorhood and living in an economically average place in life is indeed its own reward.

For sex, fuck cheap easy hookers or sex dolls. And of course there are always McDonald's girls, at least until they too are completely replaced by machines.

Machines will replace not just women as sex partners for men but also women as fast food employees. Eventually all of us will be doing nothing all day but reading stuff on the Internet and fucking androids. We'll get a "guaranteed income" deposit every couple weeks. Just like in "Player Piano".

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