Dear Feminists: Why men matter

Article here. Excerpt:

'Today’s brand of feminism is vastly different from your mother or grandmother’s feminism. What was once a heroic and just crusade has been hijacked by far-left activists who then metastasized the movement into one of revenge, rage, and repugnance. The hallmarks of 2018 feminism – shouting your abortion, blaming sexism for all your problems, and looking up to alleged comedian Amy Schumer as a role model – are only hurting females everywhere, not helping the cause – or society.

Thankfully, a growing number of women, witnessing the tragic, repulsive, and intellectually insolvent developments in real-time, are rejecting the feminist label.

According to a Refinery29 and CBS News study, an astounding 54% of millennial women – typically those born between 1980 and 2000 – do not describe themselves as feminists. And this isn’t an American phenomenon either; a 2016 poll discovered that just 7% of Britons would call themselves feminists.
Feminism is not about gender equality. It is a vacuous undertaking aimed at attaining revenge. Feminists will never be satisfied until all women earn more than men, abortions are free for the world, and it’s “51% female” across the board – except, of course, fields that risk life and limb. Until then, the pearl-clutching will persist, the topless marches will rage on, and facts will be tossed to the waste bin. No wonder why the term has morphed into a vulgarity, not a badge of honor.'

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