Consent obsession still isn't enough, apparently

Article here. This article does a great job showing why investing in sex-bot development is a good move. Excerpt:

'He looked scared. Somewhere in our five-year age gap, a dramatic shift must have taken place in sexual training. I sensed this would be a different kind of hookup than I was used to, but I couldn’t predict how.

I lay down on my bed, and he lay beside me.

“Is this O.K.?” he said.

“I invited a guy from Tinder to my empty apartment on a snow day,” I said. “Let’s just assume you have blanket consent.”

“I’m not comfortable with that.”

I looked at his earnest eyes, hair flopping into his face, stubble that was already reddening my skin (I had already decided I didn’t mind). Hadn’t I already said yes several times? Wasn’t I lying there with him, my leg tossed over his, my whole body arcing toward him?'

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I wonder... did he ask her for permission to pork her each time he porked? "Do you consent to this thrust?... Yes... *pork*... "Do you consent to this thrust?... Yes... *pork*..."

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Credibilty of zero. Self serving fiction, with nauseating helpings of cheap psyco-babble.

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lesbians have finally found new ways to cut down on the competition w/ false accusations. even the possibility of being falsely accused causes pecker-droop. however, since men now have robot-love, the real potential losers here are straight women, if such an animal still exists. if they do still exist, they sure aren't speaking up for men are they? guess they fear being falsely accused themselves of being anti-women. you gotta admit, even the threat of false accusations has put a yellow streak down many a man's back, and apparently many a woman's back. due process and truth be damned eh?

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Make everyone afraid to fuck and the baby machine stops. Sinister but effective.

#tinfoilhat #conspiracytheories #illuminatti #ancientalientheorist #etc

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