University forms 'feminist fight club' to fight the patriarchy

Article here. Excerpt:

'A public university in Colorado has formed a “feminist fight club” as a part of the administration’s effort to identify and correct behaviors that may disadvantage women in the classroom and workplace.

Colorado State University has partnered with the author of the book Feminist Fight Club, Jessica Bennett, to form an on-campus chapter of “feminist fight club” that will help to promote gender equity on campus.
As a part of their efforts, the club has created several exercises that help to show how gender discrimination exists in society. One example of this is a “Penile Service Announcement,” in which women are invited to list several ways in which men can be an ally to women. As a part of the exercise, women are encouraged to photocopy fliers for the PSA and distribute them on male desks in the classroom.

Finally, the group has also developed an exercise titled “How to Stop a Manterrupter,” in which individuals are encouraged to practice ways in which they can immediately interrupt a man who may interrupt another woman, and where women also take a vow to the rest of the group that they will call out such behavior anytime they witness it in the future.'

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It appears that The Patriarchy has a Twitter account called "Patriarchy Central" that is already on to this story:

Got to hand it to them. Nothing gets by those guys.

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