Men say they're guilty until proven innocent in #MeToo era

Article here. Excerpt:

'Some men now view all women as suspect.

That's what one female business owner told after Shatter, our women's issues page, asked if men have stopped mentoring women in their offices.

"It's almost like all women are a ticking time bomb that could take them down at any minute," she wrote in an email. "These guys genuinely don't seem to know the difference between inappropriate sexist behavior and other behavior, so they just pull back and interact awkwardly. They ask me weird questions like, 'So I just can't kid around at all anymore?' They're genuinely perplexed."

That seems like hyperbole -- until you read the comments. They're startling in their fervor that #MeToo has victimized men.'

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Eons ago, men invented hunting trips. I suspect they did so to get away from the women back in the village. Nowadays we don't do much hunting and have a lot of them around us at work so we do our own kind of hunting trip to get away from them. It's called not talking to them unless you absolutely have to. Works really well, I have found, at avoiding female drama and other annoying things.

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