No evidence Cornell fraternity held alleged 'pig roast' contest

Article here. Excerpt:

'Cornell University has clarified a statement from earlier this year, saying it did not find evidence that a fraternity held a contest for new members in which they'd earn points for sleeping with women.

In February, Cornell's Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life said in a statement that the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity had been placed on probation after an investigation into whether fraternity members held the contest, which is called a "pig roast."

Now the school has revised its statement, making clear it did not find evidence the contest actually occurred. The school's initial statement, it said, "mischaracterized" the findings of the Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Review Board.

Following an investigation, the review board "concluded it was 'more likely than not' that the allegation -- someone associated with the chapter encouraging new members to participate in the contest -- occurred," the school's revised statement said.

But it did not find evidence to suggest any members had actually participated or that the contest had taken place, it said.'

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... of pigs in college myself but it was never the subject of a contest. In fact roasting a pig was nothing to brag about. I did though hear of a sorority who had a "notching contest" wherein the winner was the girl who blew and/or fucked the most guys in a week, with "confirmed kill" being required (ie, she had to have evidence). Whether or not this actually happened I dunno but I do know some time that same supposed week this girl took a selfie (with a Polaroid -- this WAS in the 80s) of herself with my d*ck in her mouth in the library janitor's closet. Alas she didn't even actually blow me. It was like "Can I ask a favor of you..." and it was over in like three seconds. The little tease. :)

All kidding aside, what's remarkable is that THIS is news. I mean Hell, are we all so bored that we'll waste time reading about crap like THIS? Seriously.

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