A nice feel-good article

I came across this article from 2016 about a physicist who has dedicated his life to trying to prove time travel possible out of a desire to use it to somehow be able to communicate with his deceased father. I thought MANN readers would appreciate it. Excerpt:

'Ronald Mallett, a theoretical physicist from the University of Connecticut, believes that laser lights are the key to time travel.

A machine that Mr Mallett is working on is based around the fact that light can create gravitational fields and Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

The 71-year old has previously explained: “In Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, both matter and energy can create a gravitational field. 
He said in the show: “I would say it was fair to call what I was doing an obsession. I was obsessed with wanting to see my father again.
"Everything that I became, the whole of my personality, everything about being a physicist, was based on my love for my father, and my desire to see him again.

“I had a mission. My goal was to figure out how to build the time machine.'

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