Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Blame Sexism For People Calling Out Her Claims

Article here. Excerpt:

'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the self-described “Democratic socialist” running for congress in New York, has apparently decided that crying sexism is the way to win debates and endear oneself to the Left. Considering how Democrats often play the victim card, she may be on to something.
Secondly, Ocasio-Cortez’s default response appears to be to cry sexism. She’s essentially saying: “It’s my first campaign! Why are you being so mean to me?” and suggesting she's only being treated this way because she's a girl. Well, she's being treated this way because she was immediately latched on to by the left-leaning media as a new star because she beat the number four Democrat incumbent in the House, she would be the youngest person to be elected to Congress, and she’s Latina. She’s just a bunch of boxes to the Left.'


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The only defense she has is the gender card, not unlike The Vile Hildebeast. While The Vile One got ppl to give her money in exchange for nebulous promises to go to bat for them later, Cortez wants to just take other ppl's money by confiscatory taxation and keep most of it while giving away some of it to her supporters.

Since "The Vile One" is taken, Cortez is hereby coined "The Marxist One".

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a minor success as a marxist and all the media's aglow w/ anticipation. 'ain't she grand?' free stuffers lining up w/ their hands out. nuttinu really. no wonder the press refused to cover obummer's illegal support and heavily applied 'pressure' for the Marxist Zelaya in the 2009(?) Honduran elections. ownership of all m.s. media outlets counts for a lot. however, when it endangers nat'l security by trying to extinguish free speech on the internet, it needs to be quashed. if obummer had expected the net to open up his many nefarious deeds, like selling thousands of u.s. guns to Mexican drug cartel murderers, he would have succeeded in removing our guns from honest patriots. honoring him or holder in any way after trying to hide their actions is an affront to our system of gov and our very way of life.

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Just a very original idea: blame sexism.

Gee, no one's tried that one before.

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