Hungary Bans Gender Studies Programs, Cites Concerns with Lack of Jobs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Several news outlets reported on Friday that the Hungarian government has banned gender studies programs, citing a lack of jobs for graduates.
In a move that will certainly spark debates over censorship, the Hungarian government moved to ban gender studies programs, primarily from the two major universities in the country that offer gender studies programs. One of the universities is public and the other is private.

According to, the part of the amendment which concerns gender studies provides no explanation whatsoever. Two universities are concerned: Hungary’s biggest state-funded university ELTE, and the Central European University, founded by George Soros. If the amendment becomes official, it will mean that nobody can attend gender studies courses in Hungary and get a degree in the subject. notes that CEU offers both Hungarian and American degrees, the amendment will not affect the latter.

Gender studies may be partisan drivel with no grounding in reality. But it’s better for such programs to be laughed, rather than legislated, out of existence.'

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The gov't regulating content at unis is a bad precedent indeed. As useless as a BA in Ecofeminism may be, is not a degree in History also equally worthless in the job market? It is. I should know, it was my major in college and it led to no job offers in and of itself.

Hungary may as well ban History as a major too. Such an event if allowed by the Hungarian courts to stand sets a really bad precedent.

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agreed, g.s. is a waste of time and $$, especially our tax $$ as the perpetual victim crowd has a myriad of gov funded handout programs from which to draw. early 80's I worked part time jobs and summer work to fund my college. in the book store as I was standing in line to pay real $$ for my books I noticed I was the only person in line who actually shelled out $$ for my books. everyone ahead of me paid w/ some type of grant or minority based scholarship, or whatever. colleges have turned into rolling gov backed $$ machines turning out illiterate affirmative action babies.

a lesson for some maybe?: some years later I was working as a consultant for a minority owned co. who was contracted by a very large const. co. to supply experienced eng's for the Army. we split the contract $$ 3 ways. having limited access to gov computers to do the job, I saw the benefits packages offered by the gov. so, towards the end of my consulting stint I started nominating myself online for eng. positions in gov. to maybe be eligible for some type gov. retirement in a few years. i really enjoyed consulting work. lotsa $$. anyway, by the end of jan., when i got back home, i got a call from a gov. recruiter offering me a job in my home state a few hours from my aging parents. i asked her, 'if i say yes, does that make it legal?' she said yes, so i said yes. it was quite a bit less $$ (3/5 less) but no more having to buy my own health insurance, which was increasing reqularly, and a retirement if i could do 10 years (min.). the only way the a.e. could hire me, since i wasn't directly out of college, and a white guy, was through affirmative action. he found a loophole where the gov was required to hire so many senior citizens, which in the gov means over 50. the lady told me to report a few weeks later. a few min's later she called back and asked if i could report in next Monday morning. they really needed my expertise asap. 11 years later i had a gov i.d. card, gov blu x, can hunt, camp and fish, etc. on gov land, and have a small annuity (about $1k/mo.). its the gov's new retirement program. just a heads up for all of u still working stiffs. oh, and prior military service can be counted toward this retirement. adds to ss as well.

imho, the gov really needs to start hiring people w/ real world experience and letting them work. when i worked for lmsoc at ksc (90's) a lot of the nasa guys/gals eng's hired by nasa were top of their class, academically. however, at nasa they just became glorified paper pushers. the contractors do all the actual work in most cases. payloads eng's were a bit diff.

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