After the bell, lawmakers still studying campus sex assault bills

Article here. Excerpt:

'Under the House bill, schools would be required to conduct the sexual misconduct climate surveys beginning in August 2019, after a task force develops a model survey designed to gather information, including the number of reported incidents of sexual misconduct on campus, student awareness of related policies, and what happens after a victim reports sexual misconduct.

"The reason for the task force is there are many ways to ask a question," Ehrlich said. "Questions can be asked in a way that lead to a certain answer. They can be asked in a way that you may not get as direct an answer as possible. It'll be the work of the task force to make sure that questions are asked in a way that they are as free as possible from bias."
Moore offered an amendment to the bill that added in elements of a broader campus sexual assault bill the Senate passed in November, including requirements that students be trained annually on sexual violence prevention and that each college and university designate a "confidential resource advisor" who can provide students information on available reporting options, counseling and medical services after an assault.'

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