Some equal time: women report sex dolls are 'better than men'

Article here. I totally get it. It can f*ck you all night and keep a boner with no necessity for ED pills nor breaks for water. But does it pay the tab or fork over child support? Excerpt:

'Men face being made redundant in the bedroom if women turn to silicone robots which “do not tire” or suffer from “performance issues”.

It comes as the world’s first Harmony sex doll owner exclusively revealed the “realism” of romping with the artificially intelligent android to Daily Star Online.

The male equivalent, dubbed Gabriel, is also programmed with unique conversations and stories to share with partners.

Women “will not have to worry about making any effort to get pleasure in the bedroom as the doll satisfies every whim,” Disclose reported.

The robots are said to be “extremely lifelike” with each model customised to meet the customer’s various requirements, including the head, body and gender.

They are hand painted to include detail such as freckles, birth marks and even scars.'

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. . . won't this promote rape culture against men? Funny how it's crickets from the feminists on this one.

I'm just joking BTW. I just wrote that bc fembots (pun intended) always complain about female sex bots somehow leading to more violence against women.

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