Expelled Cal Poly student gets to graduate

Article here. Excerpt:

'Cal Poly must overturn the expulsion of a student accused of a March 2016 sexual assault and allow that student to graduate, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge ordered July 12.

Judge James C. Chalfant’s decision comes after a two-year battle between the accused student, named in the complaint under the alias John Doe, Cal Poly and the California State University system, both of which Doe accused of depriving him of his due process rights.

According to his attorney Mark Hathaway, Doe was “a graduating senior with two credits left to complete his bachelor’s degree when (CSU) Chancellor (Timothy) White and the university ordered him expelled.”

Hathaway, a partner with the Los Angeles-based firm Werkman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn, “has assisted dozens of students and faculty in Title IX sexual misconduct investigations,” according to his profile on the firm’s website.'

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