UCLA students forced to pay for ‘Toxic Masculinity Committee’

Article here. Excerpt:

'University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) students recently launched an underground committee dedicated to fighting “toxic masculinity” and “gender norms.”

The Toxic Masculinity Committee was formed in Spring 2018 by four female UCLA students in their capacity as Diversity Peer Leaders, who are paid $13 an hour to facilitate events such as “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity” “Bro, Let’s Talk.”

Aziza Wright is a UCLA senior studying African American Studies. In an interview with Campus Reform, Wright explained that she was captain of the Toxic Masculinity Committee last semester, and that roughly 25-30 students attended each event the committee put on.
But while Wright and her team primarily aimed to serve as discussion facilitators, she did note that they all agreed upon an overarching philosophy.

“The harm of toxic masculinity is that it causes men to act in a harmful way towards others based on unattainable gender norms and impacts real life situations in a negative way,” explained Wright, who shrugged off a question about whether all masculinity is toxic.
UCLA student Victoria Miller praised the committee for raising awareness of sexual assault during the recent events it hosted on campus, but also worried about the committee's attitude towards masculinity and lack of transparency.

“Men should decide what it means to be a good man. There is nothing wrong with masculinity. In fact, many women are attracted to it,” said Miller, a junior majoring in Russian who is also on the board of Bruin Republicans.

“UCLA is a public university. They should not be spending money on a committee that has to be kept secret. I support full transparency,” she added.'

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How does a supposedly "underground" group get paid by the university?

Sounds pretty above-ground to me.

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