"Gender gap in pay begins with children’s allowances"

Is there any low they won't sink to? Link here. Excerpt:

'PHOENIX – Parents pay boys a weekly allowance twice as high as they give girls, according to a study from a Phoenix-area company that sells an app to track children’s chores, allowances and finances.
“Frankly, I was super-depressed at the results,” Murset said.
That the long-bemoaned gender pay gap starts early did not surprise one expert.

“These gender roles run so deep in our society that it can be hard to escape them, even in the home,” said Julia Bear, a business professor who studies negotiation and the gender pay gap at Stony Brook University in New York.

An Institute for Women’s Policy Institute study showed that women in the U.S. made 81.8 cents for every dollar men made in 2017.
Bear noted the BusyKid study isn’t scientific – it doesn’t have diverse demographics, such as income levels, because parents pay to use the app – but said the high volume of users is a trustworthy sample size and should spur further study.
Murset said his company found two possible reasons for the wage disparity: lack of hygiene and availability of chores.

Boys frequently were paid to maintain hygiene while girls were not, Murset said.
“I don’t think that this is a vast conspiracy against our girls,” Murset said, but he and Bear urged parents to talk with their children about money and gender.'

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My sister was fined $5.00/week for being a girl. My brother and I received $100.00/week just for being boys. Yep.

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