Judge Questions School’s Sex Assault Training After Male Student Sues

Article here. Excerpt:

'Schools keep the materials they use to train investigators who handle accusations of sexual assault and harassment under lock and key. Attorneys have been trying to get these materials for years, with limited success.

Whenever the training materials are made public, it’s obvious how the school’s reach absurd decisions against male students accused of sexual misconduct — the training heavily biases administrators in favor of the accuser. A blueprint for the University of Texas system included the incredibly misleading claim that just 2% to 10% of accusations are false (implying that investigators are probably right to assume an accuser’s story). That blueprint also instructed campus police to conduct their investigation in such a way to “anticipate” and “counter” likely defense strategies, including the suggestion that officers only take the accuser’s statement once to avoid documenting inconsistencies that could be used by the defense.

Now a judge has questioned such training after materials were released to a male student at the University of Mississippi who was expelled for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student.'

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